Saturday, August 17, 2013

Been a while

I've been pretty busy working everyday as of lately, so I haven't been able to stop at my shop. Last night I was able to get a night off and decided to play in the FNM draft for M14, I got an okay mono black going and pulled a couple of acts and would have went to top eight. Unfortunately my significant other didn't do as well and was kinda bummed half way through round three. I was facing a regular's little brother and last night was his second draft ever, long story short I kept a bad hand game one, lost. I won round two by a land slide and at that time i saw him pretty much give up. His brother came over and tried helping his moral for game three, and he even ended up bring me down to 6, his life at 33, board wiped, and thought he had the game. I pulled some tricks, one of the big ones being a 9 swamp count corrupt, and that's when I saw it in his face. We've all been there, or have seen it on an opponent's face the "just get this over with so I can go home" look. I ended up scooping on a "swamp" draw the next turn to give him the win. I wasn't planing  on staying for round four anyways.

Now on to the good stuff, I got a trade last night that was heavily in my favor, nothing special in it just mostly a lot of binder filler to help flesh it out and look better than a cracked pack stuffed in a binder. They were aware of the trade value difference, I mean how could you not with this many cards. I'm pretty sure they were planning on building a standard green deck after post rotation. So my hat goes off to them for the generosity. 

So I got around to figuring out the pack total...
It's crazy to think I tripled my binder total just off one trade. Maybe this will be easier than I thought.
Have a great day guys and happy trading.

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